Proving that sustainability can be fashionable, Canberra’s Blac Sneaker Co believe in the support of the environment and how we can shape our future, employing this ethos in every step of their sneakers.

Owner, Katherine Cymbalak felt inspired to do more for the community and environment, deciding to combine it with her passion for clothing and sneakers.

“We use Blac Sneaker as a creative outlet, but most importantly an outlet for the community and environment,” she says.

“Businesses have the responsibility and the power to support the world around them, they have the biggest impact and need to think of the long game.”

Using a unique blend of hemp and cotton, she says this combination is strong, water resistant and possesses many other incredible properties that make great long-lasting shoes.

Hemp, labelled the ‘underdog’ of clothing requires less pesticides to grow, leaving our water ways cleaner. Cotton is then blended to support the impact requirements of a running shoe, increasing the softness and comfort.

To keep track and achieve their goals, Blac Sneaker Co’s Positive Steps program focuses on three main areas, community, environment and inclusivity, where their achievements are calculated and updated regularly. Already they have donated 120 shoes to the less fortunate, planted 12 trees and purchased two tons of carbon offset.

Currently only selling their iconic black and white sneakers, for 2021/22 the team are looking into releasing a new range of sneakers in with a number of bright colours, with minimalist styles and all over colour. Also in the works is eco-friendly leather and an extension of their hemp range into clothing such as, t-shirts, socks and hoodies.

Black Sneaker Co can be purchased online, both in Australia and internationally through their website and on ethically produced fashion site Wolf and Badger.