Whether you’re a coffee lover or just a sucker for good, unique, hearty food, the revamped ONA Manuka has undergone a makeover. With a spacious new layout, white open spaces and a touch of greenery – think of the perfect spot to relax, recoup and escape the daily grind.

After closing for just over two weeks, ONA Manuka has launched its new Autumn menu which encompasses dishes that are sure to warm you up! Implementing a new menu every three months enables the café to make sure every food offering is a showcase of fresh, seasonal produce don’t to the smallest details.

The eggs are open-range farmed and are sourced from chickens raised by sustainable farmers. While the locally wood-smoked bacon is free from any harmful chemicals prevalent in most bacon.

“We are really proud of the produce we use. We try to bring a lot of creativity as well, we try to give you good stuff that you want to eat all the time,” manager Jack says.

One of the recommended dishes for the new menu is the Mushrooms. The dish features roasted field mushroom, puffed ancient grains, eggplant kasundi (a middle eastern chutney), lemon shallot, salsa verde, smoked goat’s curd and ancient grain sourdough. Imagine textural, delicious, rich flavours that just come to life on your palate.

A true testament of fresh ingredients speaking for themselves. And if that isn’t enough, add two poached eggs and you will be thanking us later.

However, if you want something a bit more on the lighter side, try the Chia Pudding – a coconut chia pudding with puffed ancient grains and topped with juicy strawberries, poached pear, crunchy almonds and dried blueberries. Talk about Instagram-worthy!

Another menu highlight is the French Toast – perfect for the breakfast lovers with a sweet tooths. Accompanied with delicately poached pear, spices pear puree, almond cream, almond praline and mulled wine gel, this crowd favourite will certainly leave your tummy feeling loved.

Now the coffee, for all you coffee-holics out there, ONA Manuka serves the award-winning ONA Coffee.

“For us, coffee is more than just a drink. A truly great coffee tells a story in itself,” Jack says.

“ONA encapsulates a story of community, history, culture, climate, time and most importantly, passion.”

Sourced from the highest quality green beans produced in the most sustainable ways possible via the ethical trading company Project Origin, ONA deals directly with producers and empower communities in Ethiopia, Colombia, Honduras, Rwanda, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua and India.

Indulge in the espresso Stripped Bourbon, a wild variety found in Columbia or a unique cold brew, the opportunities are endless! There’s also fresh juices, house-made soda or cascara iced tea made from coffee fruit with lime and mint.

Before your next visit to check out the café’s new direction, our tip is to peruse the new menu to get a foodie hit list going. The ONA food and drink combinations are limitless, the only limit will be if you can fit it all in!

“Here at ONA Manuka we are a collective of people who are really passionate about hospitality,” Jack says.

“We are passionate about serving up a gift both to our customers and our staff, and we want the café to be a place that customers in Canberra can be really proud of.”