Former RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under queens Art Simone and Etcetera Etcetera are revealing their top beauty secrets in a series of intimate Backstage Beauty School workshops, as part of their As Seen On TV national tour!

Helping you look like the queen you already are, the drag divas will be in Canberra at Gorman House Main Hall on July 8 and invite everyone who has an interest in beauty and extravagant makeup to snatch up a spot!

“At the end of the day – makeup is for EVERYONE and if you feel fabulous, that’s all that matters!” Says Art Simone.

“Makeup is inspirational! I love looking and feeling beautiful, and makeup and drag is a huge part of that process for me. The world has changed – makeup has always been used by subcultures as a form of self-expression – and now that’s all out in the open! I love working with more traditional brands as a drag artist – there’s so much possibility for exploring new ideas,” says Etcetera Etcetera.

It’s not often you get the chance to watch a drag queen get ready in real life. As a little taste of what to expect, here’s each of their top 3 tips for nailing your glam.




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Priming your face before makeup is an essential step for the best results, it gives you a fresh and primed canvas ready to compliment all your fave products. It also helps with the longevity of your makeup, as there is an extra barrier between your skin and the makeup – so it’ll be much longer before you begin to look crusty, dusty and disgusty! Right now I’m loving the NYX Plump Right Back Primer & Serum combo!


While I don’t think you have to spend much on makeup to turn a killer look (I could make a Mona Lisa out of a face paint kit) BUT sometimes it’s nice to work smarter, not harder. Spend some extra dosh on some key items to help speed up your makeup process and get some more bang for your buck! I like to splash out on a great foundation and face powder but find you can save on more affordable products like shadows, lipsticks and blush! It’s all about balance.


Makeup is all about angles, you can really transform and compliment your natural features with a few little tweaks in the direction you apply your makeup. For an instant facelift, I always angle my contour, eye makeup, liner and brows upwards and out. It helps lift the face and makes you look super sleek – if you struggle with picturing this, I like to imagine I’ve got a ponytail and am pulling everything up towards that on top of my head (side note: a super tight and sleek pony can also give you a bit of lift too!). If you angle your makeup downwards, you tend to look sad and bland… and if you smile… well it can be terribly confusing – Apply that makeup up, out and away baby!



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Sometimes bigger, isn’t necessarily better! Drag makeup is about finding the most effective way to transform your face and being bold with the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Having clean, sharp, classic makeup can really shine on stage!


Take care of your skin! From someone who wears heavy make-up more than the average person, it takes a toll! And you need to be kind on your complexion to be able to stretch your artistry to new heights.


Contouring isn’t everything! I love highlighter/shimmer. People get scared to use it, but it adds so much dimension to the face! Go forth and shine bright like a diamond.


Tickets for Art and Etcetera’s Backstage Beauty School are on sale now. Presented by NYX Professional Makeup, it’s a front-row seat to the exact techniques two industry legends use to transform themselves. Plus you’ll even walk away with some free beauty goodies!

Spots are strictly limited, to purchase tickets visit  

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