Sometimes we have 8 hours sleep. Other times we stay up watching someone trying to eat a family dinner box in 2 minutes. Whatever the case, today’s busy lifestyles, technology, diets and stress are causing chronic sleep deprivation, and the need for a nap.

According to, a quick nap serves many health benefits including:


The obvious one – naps are our saviour when it comes to boosting alertness and mental performance translating to more energy throughout the day. The length of your nap can also determine the benefits. A 20-minute nap can enhance attention, whilst a 90-minute nap helps the brain to make new connections and assist creative problem solving. Time your naps wisely.

Reduce stress

If you’re feeling tense or stressed, short naps can lower any stresses that the day brings. The ideal time to nap is after lunchtime when blood sugar levels and therefore, energy levels start to dip.

Boost your mood

A lack of sleep makes everything that little bit more irritable. If you struggle to carry the energies after a sleepless night, a nap can erase the sleep deprived lag and assist in bringing your chirpiness back.

Where to nap?

Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of a workplace like Google with napping pods. We also don’t have siesta’s as a pivotal part of our culture. So if tired is your default setting and the caffeine hit doesn’t work like it used to, try out these optimal napping locations in the region.

Hoyts Woden and Belconnen

It may be an expensive nap, but lights out, our favourite recliner chairs and popcorn on hand are ideal for drifting off. A nap is basically forecasted for you.


Traversing the colossal IKEA store is enough to tire anyone out. Make the most of their fully-fledged bedrooms set up for all your dozing needs.

Bowen Park, Kingston

When the weather permits, this tucked away park lies against the perfect backdrop of Lake Burley Griffin. Enjoy the plush grass and coffee close-by for a post-nap pick me up.

Light Rail

Didn’t get enough sleep last night? Napping to and from work is the perfect way to boost the z’s. Don’t worry, the destination voiceover has got your back.

Aspen Island

This secluded little spot by the lake is picturesque with the perfect minimal noise level for a nap. Those monumental bells are there to wake you from your slumber if it exceeds the hour.