For two lucky winners a price tag won’t be attached to their 2019 New Year’s resolution. Eighty8 Fitness is giving away 2 x 4 week passes (unlimited classes) to transform two locals and shape the rest of the year.

Looking back on 2018, it’s clear we could have done a few things differently, so Eighty8 is giving you a head start on the year that didn’t go exactly to plan.

There is no denying that fitness, weight loss and healthy eating were common resolutions for 2019, and this opportunity could be the difference of actually sticking to your goals (for once).  The motivational trainers and support from the Eighty8 fam will help you find your grind.

We asked Eighty8 fitness coach/owner Tyler for some tips on how to make those resolutions realistic:

  • Create a balanced and sustainable training routine/plan that you know you can commit to throughout the entire year. Consistency is key!
  • Work on your weaknesses. Continuing to work on what you’re already good at or are used to will only get you so far. You need change and you need to be challenged. Write down your 5 lingering health and fitness weaknesses and set up a plan to tick them all off in 2019.
  • Get strong. Honestly, no one has ever said ‘I hate being strong’.
  • Enjoy your training environment. Find a gym/group/training buddy where you enjoy the culture, the training style and the people you train with. This is an easy motivator to hold you accountable and help get you up for that session each day.
  • When it comes to nutrition, you can incorporate learnings from both points 1 and 2. Creating a healthy, balanced and sustainable nutrition plan for yourself is key. Cutting out full food groups or sticking to calorie restricting diets is not the answer. Work out what’s letting you down, speak to an accredited nutritionist and set up your 2019 nutrition plan to coincide with your training plan and goals.
  • Everyone starts off somewhere. Don’t put it off by thinking you’re not fit enough to go to a particular class yet. Session types and exercises can always be modified to suit an individual’s needs. The longer you wait the longer it will take to achieve your health and fitness goals. Stop thinking and take action, there’s nothing like the now!
  • Finally, something I always find myself saying to people is: stop treating training like a chore! It can become a fun, likeable hobby just like anything else you enjoy. It’s a positive habit that should sit at the top of your list and become a part of weekly lifestyle.

Find your grind just in time for the Activ8 challenge which launches Monday 4 February. A giveaway giving you the chance to challenge and surprise yourself.

Tell us why you need some motivation to get moving in 2019 for your chance to win.

Eighty8 (4 weeks)

  • Win 4 weeks of unlimited classes