Pretty up the pantry

Ever wanted to be one of those people with perfectly organised pantry, well now is the time. With supermarket in chaos and limits on grocery items its time look through the dark depths of your pantry and experiment with items you didn’t even know you had. The purpose is so nothing goes to waste or reaches its expiry date. With more home time comes more to find cook. You may choose to transfer rice and pasta sugar etc into quality air tight containers. Once they are unified you can use the space in your pantry more effectively and keep the containers neatly on display – show of your organisation. Don’t be afraid to label anything either, it’s all about knowing what you have accessible and what you need more of so you don’t double up.

Re-order your wardrobe

We know you have been putting it off for months, now there is literally no excuse to get it done. There is nothing more rewarding than when it’s over! And the best part is, the only clothes we are recycling at the moment is PJs, track pants and athleisure so chances are your new neat wardrobe will be like that for a while. First things first – cull. Anything faulty or you haven’t looked twice at in 12 months. If you have grown apart from someone your clothes get a ‘donate’ pile happening or make a few extra dollars on Facebook Marketplace. For those who really want to take the overhaul to the next level, this is a good opportunity to colour coordinate, coat hanger match and separate by seasons.

Global getaway

The world is going to need some serious stimulation when the crisis is over. While you can’t book ahead just yet, use your quarantine time to put in the research for your next big vaycay. Start a spreadsheet for your budget and plan, plan, plan. Spin the globe, close your eyes and stop it on a destination you hope to visit when this is all a distant memory.

Up skill

You may have your career set in stone, yet now you have the time to become a triple threat. While you have some extra home time on your hands invest in your skills with an online course. It may be digital led, creative or simply learning how to become the best home cook or even learning a new language. Don’t let a crisis go to waste!

Makeover your home office

This space could be your new office for the next 6-months. May as well get comfy and create a productive working environment. After a few days at home we’ve realised how important office chairs are! Make sure you’re using the best chair possible for height and posture. Remember you will be using video chat a lot so declutter the background of your space. Aside from you favourite mug and drink bottle on hand you’ll so need a plant. Read our article on best home office plants.