Summer bodies are made in uh… Summer. Summer is here, and we know you’ve been putting off getting on the grind to feel beach ready for the upcoming months. It’s easy to fall victim to the drag of your usual gym routine. Here are 5 new activities you might not of considered to see those fitness goals lived out.

Springboard Pilates

We’ve been seeing TV shows full of these unusual machines trying to remember the name. ‘Springboard Pilates’ has hit Canberra and it’s taken Pilates to a whole new level. It was originally designed to break down the flowing movements of traditional mat work. Now reformer work focuses on improving core stabilisation as well as muscle endurance, lactate tolerance, peripheral joint stability, balance coordination and muscle strength. Hello Abs!

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Think rock-climbing minus the hassle of harnesses and ropes with added protection and shorter walls. Bouldering is the upcoming fitness and social activity which is sure to get your blood flowing and heart rate pumping. Don’t feel intimidated by the rocks – bouldering is suitable for all levels and is easily adaptable to each individual to have a leisurely climb or tackle a more complex wall. Freely climb or take part in the bouldering classes specifically designed for strength and conditioning or even a class designed to increase stability and strength on the ski slopes!

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Cardio Tennis

If you want to shake up your usual tennis routine, then cardio tennis is a great place to start. Turn your regular hit into a jam-packed cardio class and tennis lesson all in one. Cardio tennis is the latest craze to optimise your calories burned on the court whilst also working on your endurance with HIIT training. We all dread the treadmill, but cardio tennis provides a fun and energising way to smash out some reps and work on your serve as well.

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Fit Flip

Don’t just save trampolining for your younger relatives. Now there is an exciting way to get your heart rate pumping and your body jumping. Flip Fit is the most enjoyable way to tone, strengthen and burn calories all whilst having a laugh. Fit Flip is designed to increase flexibility and balance with a unique blend of stunt boxes, gymnastics and trampolining. Classes are led by a trained instructor in a fun and safe environment. This is the cherry on the cake for a unique and fun way to get that summer rig you’ve been dreaming of.

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Twerk Workshop

Perfecting the twerk is a skill only Rihanna can master… but we can all die trying. Twerking is certainly a bold way to get moving and pick up on some skills for an evening on the D floor. Twerking is AMAZING for the core and burning them all important calories.  If you’ve never twerked before, do not fret. A 6 Week workshop is being run in January to learn choreography and techniques to polished them skills, so you’ll have all eyes on you when the next trap song is on.

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