Before you get plastered and caught in a family argument that leaves Auntie Jill storming out before dessert is served, start your Christmas off on the right foot! We’ve made a list of good deeds to do on Christmas that will have you feeling wholesome!

Charity Kris Kringle

Switch up the family or work KK this year by picking charities out of a hat instead of each other’s names. By donating your present money, you not only dodge the awkward “Ohhhhhhh I love it!!” spiel you give when opening the gift but you also get that warm, fuzzy feeling for doing a good deed. Win-win!

Include your furry friends in the festivities

We buy our pets presents, include them in family photos and even throw birthday parties for them. So why aren’t they included in the ol’ Chrissy lunch? Change up their boring everyday meal to a festive feast by cooking them something special. But remember to keep the leg of ham for the humans as pork products are dangerous for our furry friends!

End of year resolution

Do you plan a New Year’s resolution every year only to break it after a few weeks? We all know they can be unachievable so we have thought of one a little easier to get done; an end of year resolution! Use the last few weeks of the year to make that change you’ve always wanted. Whether its weight loss, being kinder or maybe reducing the amount of money spent on Uber Eats (guilty), fewer weeks = more chances of getting done.

Christmas Crackers that show you care

This one is a real tear jerker and can be done in two different ways. A. Customise your traditional bonbons with kind things written about the recipients inside or B. Fill them with prompts that ask them for their favourite highlight of the year or one thing they’ve learnt about themselves. Some of the answers may be surprising but I can guarantee at least one will make you go “awwwwwww”.

Give others a Christmas to remember

Christmas time can become a little crappy for those who can’t afford presents or food. So do what you can to help change that for others! Donate to food drives or giving trees that provide food and presents for those in need. Make it extra special by donating things you would actually want for yourself instead of the standard canned goods!

Be a friend for the old folks

Sometimes we get too busy with life that we forget about the ones who raised us and baked us cookies – our grandparents. Life in retirement/nursing homes can get quite lonely, so take some time to spice them up! Try visiting them and singing carols or simply keeping them company, I can guarantee it will brighten their day, week or even their year.

Volunteer to help those in need

During the time of giving make sure you give some of your time! Food and animal shelters are always in need of some extra hands to help those in need. With gifted animals having to be surrendered, places like the RSPCA always need extra volunteers to help with the upkeep of the poor lil’ animals. Make a day out of it by getting your pals together and doing something good for the community!

Adopt don’t shop

Pets are family NOT presents. However, if you’re 100% certain you can extend a family or the recipient is capable and has the means to support a pet, then make sure to adopt and not shop! Like we said above, shelters become packed with unwanted pets so free up some of the spots by adopting a fur baby from a shelter.

Donate blood

Shelters aren’t the only places packed during the silly season, hospitals also have an overflow of patients coming in during this time of year too. Play your part by donating blood to help save lives during the festive season. Because the best gift of all is the gift of life!

Personalise your presents

My favourite presents are ones where I know the giver has put a lot of thought into it. Make someone’s Chrissy extra special by personalising their gift. Custom t-shirts, handmade artwork or maybe even a pillow made from a passed one’s old shirt. A personalised gift is like a hug they can keep forever!