Decorate as early as you want and the don’t take them down!

If shopping centres can do it, why not us?! I’m sure by now you have all seen the oversized bonbons, baubles, and tinsel that has scatted the malls of Canberra. They popped up before Halloween and have inspired us all to break the timing traditions of Christmas decorating. In fact, some say that putting up your tree earlier can actually improve your mood! So, what are you waiting for? Deck the halls with bounds of holly and don’t kill that festive vibe until February.

Put the presents under a Yucca

You’ve started decorating but realise you’re missing your tree. Instead of having a panic attack, grab an alternative and decorate it as festive as you like! You could use a fern, a cardboard cut-out, a stack of wooden plates or a few slabs of VB for all we care! As long as it’s topped with some tinsel or a star, you’re set for Chrissy!

Wrap up the green, red and gold

Striped green paper with Santa’s face plastered all over the top is fine and dandy, but it’s time to spice up your presentation! One way to break tradition is by wrapping up your presents in non-conventional colours to really make your gifts stand out under the tree! Use butcher paper with twine and custom sharpie cartoons, colour-blocked wrap and ribbons or even newspaper to switch up the style.

Pimp yo’ pudding

Put your fruit mince pies in the bin and your plum pudding to the side, because this calls for a dessert the whole family can get around. Treat yourself with a little something special at the end of your feast with a decked-out dessert pudding. Whether it’s layers of kit-kat or chocka-block with ice cream, you can’t go wrong with a little sweet treat!

Pour a spirit to boost your Xmas spirit

Egg-nog? Yawn. We all know Christmas means drinking too much and watching a family feud unfold. Concoct some drinks that will help provide some chrissy spirit! Try a cloudy apple (no other apple juice will do) and fireball whiskey for a taste of Christmas or a festive sangria, finished with some cranberry and mint!

Feast on the floor

Christmas is the time for getting together with the family, and one way to bring everyone closer is by ditching the Christmas table and putting on a picnic! Grab some rugs, pillows and a whole heap of Aeroguard and take your Christmas lunch outdoors.

Try a meat-free banquet

This one may not be for everyone, but definitely breaks the Christmas lunch tradition! Try making your feast as meat and dairy free as possible! Instead of a stuffed turkey, try a stuffed eggplant! Instead of grilled sausages on the bbq, try some sautéed mushrooms!

Buy your presents on boxing day

Now, this rule-breaker will definitely put you on the naughty list! We all know how hectic the shops can be during the month of December, not to mention how much cash we drop during this time. One way to beat the cues and save some dollary-doos? Tell your family that you ordered their presents online but they haven’t arrived yet, and then just buy it all on boxing day. Evil? Maybe. Genius? Definitely.

Bender ‘til boxing day

Like I said earlier, we all drink a little too much on Christmas day. But who’s to say that can’t start earlier and finish later? Scrap the norms, and bender your way through the chrissy period! Give meaning to the silly season by starting Christmas Eve and ending after Boxing Day. We’ll drink to that!

Document ALL your festivities!

We hear it every year, people hating on bad Christmas puns or people showing off how much they are enjoying the silly season. But we want everyone to know that WE CONDONE FESTIVE CONTENT!! Post a pic in a crappy bon-bon hat, upload a story of your Christmas tree with KiraKira sparkles all over it, and update your status to say, “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal” if you want it to!!! Ok maybe not the last one, but you get our point.