Hands up if your New Year’s res hasn’t quite gone to plan and you’re not sure if it’s the 6 cheat days of the week (excluding Monday) or the dormant gym membership?

Our smartphones are constantly condemned for taking over our lives, disrupting sleep and turning us into hermit crabs as we scroll endlessly for hours a day. But smartphones aren’t the problem here, it’s the way we use them.

There are loads of apps built to keep you aligned with your goals which may be the spark of motivation to get back on track this year.

We’ve put together a list that will help you to score your peak bod from your fingertips.

My Fitness Pal – Diet and Exercise Tracking

You’ve probably seen this one in the top charts for a while and there’s a good reason. My Fitness Pal is like a personal health coach. It can track all meals and their nutritional information easily with 6+ million foods in the database. You can also log your exercise and steps to ensure your caloric input and output align with your goals. With nutrition reports recording your progress it’s an app to keep for the long-term.

Cost: Free

Fitbod- Weight Lifting Tracker

For those looking for increased strength and toning, Fitbod will guide you through the right sets, reps, and weight to reach your fitness goals. When you hit your gym or living room, it will create a personalised plan for you based on equipment available and strength training ability with loads of new workouts and demo videos.

Cost: Free

Trifecta- Training, Tracking and Nutrition

It’s in the name- Trifecta keeps all the daily fitness information in one place. There are workouts available no matter if you’re at home working out, running, or weight lifting & exercising in a gym. Additionally, you can log all your food breaking down nutritional information and macros, and track your progress.

Cost: Free or Premium $9.99/Month

Keelo- Strength HIIT Workouts

A high intensity strength & conditioning program, Keelo has numerous full-body workouts for home or the gym, beginner or experienced levels. It tells you exactly what to do with instructional videos and even has algorithms to examine your workout history to ensure you’re working all parts of the body and avoid plateauing.

Cost: Free or Keelo Premium for $11.99/month

Sworkit- Home Workouts and Plans

Sworkit is known as being a workout program for all kinds of people- those too busy to workout, beginners, athletes, travellers, people with injuries, the young, the old, you name it. The app has a huge database of body weight workouts to do anywhere, fitness programs and more!

Cost: Free 30-day trial, then $29.99 quarterly

Aaptiv- Audio Fitness App

Aaptiv allows you to train anywhere at anytime with audio-based fitness classes led by certified personal trainers. You can jam to your favourite songs with a playlist of music you know and love. There’s over 2,500 workouts in a variety of categories including running, elliptical, race training, rowing, strength training, stretching, yoga and more.

Cost: Free or $14.99/month Unlimited Access to Classes

Nike+ Run Club- Running

If you want to get your cardio in but can’t quite get motivated on your own, this app is your partner in crime when it comes to running. It includes GPS tracking, audio guided running workouts, weekly and monthly distance challenges, customized coaching plans that fit your goals, and support from friends.

Cost: Free

8Fit- Fitness + Nutrition Plan

Food and workouts work hand in hand and 8Fit combines them to help reach your personal wellness goals. It includes 15-20 minute home-based workouts, personalised nutrition plans and tips, interactive videos, shopping lists and more!

Cost: Free, or 8Fit Pro $89.99 (Workouts and Meals)

PEAR- Personal Fitness Coach

This app allows you to get real-time personal training through interactive coaching from world-renowned athletes. Embedded in the app is hundreds of unique workouts that include running, HIIT, treadmill, elliptical, spin, strength, yoga, and more.

Cost: Free 14-day trial, then $5.99 monthly subscription

YogaGlo- Yoga and Stretching

Finally, it’s just as important to stretch in your exercise routine and Glo is all over that. It offers yoga, meditation, pilates and education to strengthen the body, mind and heart. Whether you have 5 minutes or 90, you’ll find classes that meet you where you are.

Cost: Free or $22.99 monthly membership