We’re constantly trying to find an excuse to eat more Nutella and we’ve finally got it… because the 5th of Feb is World Nutella Day aka the best treat-yo-self day out. It’s for the love of that heavenly tub of goodness that we can’t resist the moment someone mentions the word. I mean, if you find someone in life that makes you happier than popping open a jar, they’re doing something right. From Nutella-filled doughnuts to shakes to pizzas, Canberra surely doesn’t have a shortage like that outbreak in 2015. But enough talk and more ‘tella, because we’ve got a list to make you go nuts.

Nutella Pretzel Freakshake- Patissez

They put Canberra on the foodie map and there’s a reason why this baby is never leaving their menu. Loaded with Nutella in and around it, Italian gelato, more Nutella, salty pretzels dunked in Nutella and more Nutella. This is the sweet and salty combo of the gods.

Dolcezza Dessert Pizza- Trecento Woodfired Pizzeria and Bar

There’s no limit to the amount of pizza you can have when you get your Italian fix. We highly recommend bringing two stomachs when you eat here because their Italian wood-fired dessert pizza is the perf finale to your dinner. Served with pistachio and icing sugar, or add banana and strawberry for your fruit intake.

Nutella-filled Doughnut- Krofne

The lightest and fluffiest of artisan Nutella-filled donuts made on the daily at the Fyshwick Niche Markets. Krofne is never short on Nutella unless you miss out on today’s batch.

Nutella Muffin- Courtyard by Milk Crate

Did you even go to Milk Crate if you didn’t pick up a Nutella muffin and have no regrets about it? It’s not only dolloped with Nutella, but has oozy Nutella all throughout it.

Nutella Frangelico & Burnt Marshmallow shake- Space Kitchen

It’s like Space Kitchen knows what we need before we even do. This is the ultimate ‘it’s my birthday’ drink, or simply one to have after one of ‘those’ weeks. Dollops of Nutella blended with Frangelico and topped with marshmallows blowtorched in front of your eyes.

Nutella Crepes- Breizh Café

A crêperie that will take you to Brittany in France, this delightful café believes in the tradition of eating a savoury followed by a sweet crepe and a glass of wine, and we couldn’t agree more. This French creperie folds your crepes in the traditional way which showcases Nutella as the hero.

Nutella Hot Chocolate- Ricardo’s Café

Does anything warm the heart more than Nutella in a hot chocolate? We think not. Ricardo’s puts just the right amount for a pick me up any day of the week.

Nutella brownie sandwich- Hungry Brown Cow

They’re soft, fudgy brownie sandwiches and they’re made local. Hungry Brown Cow knows the way to your heart with these sandwiched bites of heaven. Find them at the Canberra Farmer’s Markets and Old Bus Depot Markets.

The Nutella A’Holic Bouquet- the Bunched Co.

Enough of thinking about our own Nutella needs, The Bunched Co practices the art of giving in the most wholesome of ways. Surprise a friend with the gift of 6 Nutella-filled donuts to express your appreciation better than any flowers will.

It may be World Nutella Day but we endorse making a week of it!