Enjoy tips on how to stay warm and stay on-trend without breaking the bank. We know Canberra Winter lasts longer than usual, sigh.

Winter is the absolute best time to op-shop! Think about it, coats and jackets are looked after items, which bare minimal wear and tear and to purchase brand new you’ll be looking to AfterPay.

Another thing to note is that the recycled fashion at The Designer Op Shop Emporium is mostly brought in or purchased privately from the general public right here in Canberra. Which means the items were originally purchased with the Canberra cold in mind – jackpot. A common misconception is that op-shopping means you are purchasing sub-par garments when in truth only quality fabrics are recycled. And, they have a nothing faulty policy.

DOS Emporium offers expert tips on how to navigate an Op-Shop:

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new with vintage. The quality of vintage clothing is quite exceptional to the clothing you get these days. I have customers who have been wearing the same coats for 30 years. Whereas that doesn’t really happen in fast fashion.
  • Look for materials such as wool, merino wool or cashmere as they will last the test of time, and they are the materials we look out for when we are buying. Mink fur is a vintage item which should also be recycled and it’s really practical for Canberra as it’s extremely warm. Similarly, to wearing a leather shoe or bag, the quality will compliment.
  • Appreciate vintage for what it’s worth! These items have been looked after meticulously for years and should continue to be cared for.
  • Be open-minded with sizing and try things that wouldn’t usually be your size. Sizing these days is completely different, we have found that vintage is generally a lot smaller.
  • Don’t be afraid to tailor things, you can completely recreate something and make it look amazing with a little bit of work.
  • Think outside the box, you can wear garments oversized like knits and jackets.
  • Lastly, have fun with it. You are going to look different to the next person walking down the street and that will make you love your purchase.