The humble white shirt is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. That’s why picking it is such an important decision that needs clear definition between the shirt and the occasion. Thanks to our friends at Politix at the Canberra Outlet Centre we have put together a White Shirt Edit to steer you down the right path to finding the perfect shirt for the right occasion.

The starting point

The original/classic white shirt is the starting point of any great wardrobe. Look for a breathable fabric, with a slim fit and enough stretch to define your features.

Igantio Shirt from Politix

Not quite your classic white shirt, the Ignatio style from Politix is crafted from the finest Spanish cloth, tailored to a slim fit with body-hugging stretch technology.

Black lines

Elevate your white shirt with a black line detail. This is the perfect addition to a dark suit, a light blazer with chinos or a classic knit.

Mael or Hilton Shirt from Politix

Black detail is perfectly matched with a button-down collar on the Mael shirt from Politix. With a vertical line running down the front of both the Mael and Hilton shirts, the combination of black and white shades just works.

Tuxedo nights

On a night when you might channel your inner 007 by donning a tuxedo – the shirt to accompany is very important. It is vital that the shirt never distracts from the jacket or tie combination.

Leighton and Mendon Shirt from Politix

Displaying simple and clean lines, the Leighton and Mendon shirts from Politix compliment any tuxedo. With no noise and a slim fit that quickly tells everyone that it’s not a rental, these shirts are the perfect addition to any tuxedo night.

Slim fit is best

No matter your shape or height, an oversized, boxy shirt is always going to undermine whatever you’re wanting to achieve. So always remember to keep it slim and tailored.

POLITIX is located in Canberra Outlet Centre Tel. (02) 6280 0148. Click here to view the store