In collaboration with The Airport Group, Eighty8 Fitness has opened a second gym in the Brindabella Business Park, officially launching to the public Monday 16th of November for the open week.

The Eighty8 Health Performance Centre isn’t your average gym. Progressively, it integrates the gym component with access to a nutritionist, fitness coach and physiotherapist (as of 2021) under the one roof.

The gym offers 24/hour general access, personal training and shared PT, HIIT, functional, strength and conditioning classes. The class types are programmed for members to track their progress, operating on a 12-week benchmark cycle.

“At Eighty8 Health Performance Centre we are creating a community that places high value on a holistic health approach.” Eighty8 Health Director, Tyler Steven says. “we are providing the tools to transform the way our members think, move, fuel and recharge their bodies. By taking a whole-body approach, working in preventative and recovery avenues of fitness and strengthening individuals physically and mentally we hope to craft lifeline regimes.”

Along with your membership you can receive a tailored nutrition plan that aligns with your health goals as well as regular or necessary visits to a physio for recovery, injury or preventive measures.

“With our dedicated onsite nutritionist, physiotherapist and coaches, we will now be able collaborate as team and provide our members and the wider public with personalised, sustainable training plans and lifestyle improvements,” Tyler says.

As for the gym itself, it’s light filled and spacious with no expenses spared. The Brindabella tennis courts hug each side of the facility for some added charm. are We can’t imagine the usual struggle of convincing yourself to make it through the doors to exist in this location – especially with change rooms worthy of a 5-star hotel.

While working from home was nice, the Brindabella Business Park is making office work enticing. The Eighty8 Health Performance Centre has plans to open a health food café next door to the gym to create the ultimate work life balance regime.

If you’d like to get a feel for the community vibe, equipment and space – or even just a peak in the bathrooms – come along to a session time next week.

The open day sessions are now available to book via the Eighty8 App.  Head to the main menu > Classes: Brindabella > open day to book your session. 17 Brindabella circuit, Brindabella business park 2604.  Parking is available directly opposite the gym.