Just like the saying ‘summer bods are made in winter,’ apparently, the methodology works for haircare too! Winter is the time to keep your locks lush before you go bleaching and beaching come summer. We got in touch with Cataldo’s to get some damn answers about how we should be mending our mane in the last week of winter.

How many times a week should we be washing/ trimming?

We recommend washing your hair 2-3 times a week. This allows enough time in between washes for the natural oils to get to your hair and scalp. For people that do feel the need to shampoo more regularly, there are products available.

Our recommendations:

Kerastase’s Bain Divalent: If you shampoo regularly because of excess oil, this specially formulated shampoo is designed to regulate the overproduction of sebum, while treating sensitised ends for softness and shine.
Kevin Murphy’s RE.STORE Treatment: A cleansing conditioning treatment that cleanses your hair and scalp, without opening the cuticle. It uses the skincare principal of oil removes oil.

For a trim, we would say every 6 weeks for long hair and for shorter hairstyles 4-6 weeks (to keep the shape precise).

 What products are most important to use in Winter?

Heat protector! You should always use some form of leave-in heat protector before you subject your hair to any kind of artificial heat— hairdryers, straighteners, curlers etc. Choose a moisturising leave-in to combat that winter static and fly-aways.

Our recommendations:
Kerastase’s Nectar Thermique: A beautiful thermo protecting cream that adds moisture while making hair soft and shiny.
Kerastase L’Incroyable Blowdry: A lightweight styling lotion with anti-frizz and heat protection properties, as well as styling hold. It reactivates with heat so you can restyle your hair without reapplying product.

What products should ideally be avoided? 

Ideally, 2-in-1 products. Shampoo opens the cuticle and conditioner closes it and so a product advertising that it does both is best to be avoided. In the winter months, it’s especially important to use conditioner to close the hair cuticle.

 Should we be doing anything extra for our hair to combat the brutal cold?

Amp up on the moisture in your products, always use heat protector, use less heat (straightening and curling irons etc.) if possible, and try to avoid sitting too close to the direct stream of heat from a heater so you don’t dehydrate your hair and scalp too much—a big ask we know!

 Is flaky scalp common in winter or is it time we visit a professional?

Flaky scalp is really an all-year-round problem. The cause of it is usually dry scalp but there can be other causes, such as psoriasis, so it’s good to have a professional take a look. At Cataldo’s we use Kerastase’s revolutionary micro camera which is designed to analyse your hair and scalp condition to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Flaky scalp can seem more extreme in winter because of the use of heaters and the constant change from hot to cold which will dry out your scalp. It is a common problem however so don’t panic!

 Are hoodies, scarves and beanies damaging our hair?

Hoodies, scarves and beanies protect your hair from the elements and so there’s no reason to say they would be damaging. A tight beanie worn for long periods will cause rubbing and knots which in the long run can cause damage but your hair getting blown around in a pesky Canberra wind tunnel will do the same thing. Personally, we prefer avoiding the latter!

When selecting your winter accessories, it’s best to avoid heavy, coarse materials which will cause more friction. So, to avoid that Einstein beanie hair look for soft gentle materials.

 Our recommendation:

 Gentleness is the key with your hair! Kevin Murphy’s Untangled is a great leave-in conditioner that works wonders for people that suffer from hair that tangles easily. Also, the Tangle Teezer brushes are the absolute best for getting through any level of post wind-tunnel or beanie hair.

 Is there anything we should take orally to improve our winter hair?

 As a general rule, good health shows in your hair. Imbalances or deficiencies will take a toll so no matter what month it is being healthy on the inside is important. Drinking good amounts of water is the best tip we can give! Hydration will encourage hair growth and help it grow stronger and shinier.


When all else fails, call the professionals at Cataldo’s!

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