I bet I’m not the only one who is sick of the constant Splendour in the Grass social media updates and recaps this week. Seriously, let this be a warning to all, keep it up, and I WILL UNFOLLOW YOU, I just can’t handle the FOMO anymore!

But yes, a lot of Canberrans made their way to Byron Bay over the weekend for the biggest festival in the country.

Featuring LCD Soundsystem, Queens of Stone Age, Peking Duk, Vance Joy and more in the star-studded line-up, who wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to road trip up to the sunny north with a bunch of your old school pals and escape the Canberra winter for a few days.

We signed in on the ‘roll call’ and wanted to meet up with some other fellow Canberrans, here’s how we spotted them out.

1. They were front row at Peking Duk

I know the rest of the country thinks they love them, but that passion is nothing compared to ours. These boys are basically our neighbours!

We’ve been supporting them since their old days when we used to watch their amazing set at Acads on a Saturday night.

We suffered the stench and sweat to get to the front of that mosh pit.

2. They were wearing t-shirts

Whilst everyone else had three layers, two beanies, and a snow jacket on, Canberrans were free-living in as little clothes as possible.

Queenslanders really have no idea what ‘cold’ actually means. I was speaking to one of my Queensland friends the other day and she complained about it getting down to 8 degrees the night before. PFFTTT.

Please, we suffered -7 degrees over the weekend and this morning I was jumping with joy when I woke up to 2 degrees because it meant I didn’t have to scrape ice off my windscreen for the first time in forever.

3. They were not tanned

Let’s be honest, most of us haven’t seen the sun since February and are clearly lacking in vitamin D. We looked for the paled-group of people and found your kind.