The Singled Out episodes just keep getting better. We feel like we’ve seen it all… daddy jokes, failed party tricks, impressive skulling and cringeworthy goodbyes.

It’s nearly over but don’t fret, we have saved the best for last with an intruder coming in to play on the final date. Who will it be?

Episode 9: Tammy and Liam (ft. Intruder)

Watch the preview here:


Episode 7: Amy & Jordan

It’s Amy’s last date and she’s already talking about marriage? Jordan’s talk of the rooftop views sparked a chat about something that Amy actually likes which is a positive sign for these two singles. Although, awkward goodbyes are still Amy’s forte.

Watch the full episode here

Episode 8: Sarah and Bradley

There’s something in the air at the high altitude of the Howling Moon that brought out a softer side of Bradley. From changing up the beers to cocktails, to chats about lippy, if only the boys were here to witness this. Does Bradley head home for his usual cuppa or take up the offer of kicking on at Moose with Sarah.

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