You’ll remember Canberra’s favourite eyebrow artists from their days in Braddon, now in the relaxed atmosphere of Griffith. The Lab are bringing their signature quirk, passion and dedication to perfecting your skin. 

Owners of The Lab, Tegan Daley and Sianne Fitzsimons, say that adding skin treatments to their list of services has been a dream for years. 

“The Skin now completes our full circle obsession with the entire face,” says Daley. 

Far from quick fixes or invasive procedures The Lab takes a focused, wholistic approach to the body’s largest organ by harnessing the power of your natural chemistry and enabling your skin to function optimally (as nature intended).  


Kasey Funnell photography.

The most popular of the treatments involves a unique Danné Mongue-King (DMK) Enzyme Therapy masque, coined the ‘Game of Thrones’ due to the way it tightens and then cracks on the face. The facial is the only one of its kind and has made headlines across the globe for its immediate and long-lasting results. 

Sound intense? It is, but like Fitzsimons says, “we’re not here to give you a relaxing experience we’re here to sort shit out.” And they do, your first treatment includes an in-depth analysis of your skin and a discussion of any concerns, history, lifestyle and skin goals.

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This is followed by a cleanse then DMK’s Enzyme Therapy masque to kick start happy, healthy and functioning skin. 

“Its purpose is to dilate your capillaries and bring nutrients into your cells, whilst simultaneously flushing and cleansing your skin to clear toxins” advises skin guru Zoe – The Labs full-trained paramedical skin consultant.   

“The pressure also encourages the formation of collagen and elastin, but the sensation is incredibly unusual.” Unusual is the word! It only takes a few minutes for me to feel the masque tighten and tighten and tighten. The treatment is never painful but restrictive. I could try to move my face, but I’d likely fail, plus my mind is far away in a guided audio meditation.  


After 40 minutes Zoe sprays a light mist of rose water over my face to bring me back to reality and let me know the treatment is over. She then cleanses and removes all the enzymes off my face and applies an array of DMK products suited for my current skin situation.   

To continue the rejuvenating process, I’ve added a 20 minutes yellow LED light therapy treatment to my appointment.  Photobiostimulation (a concept of rejuvenation that works on cellular activities) is a direct action from the light on the cells that boosts the production of collagen and elastin. Pain free and safe for all skins, LED is incredibly healing and will improve inflammation, redness and acne problems, pore size, rosacea and reduce the signs caused by the natural ageing process – a perfect lunch time pick me up!  

Like any girl, I’m a fan of getting pampered but The Lab isn’t selling you the same old spa experience it’s giving you the confidence to “keep it real” and giving rise to the #breakupwithyourmakeup revolution. 

Visit The Lab to find out more about The Skin treatments and follow them on Instagram for some serious brow envy @itsthelab 

Located: Level 1, 18-20 Franklin St Manuka 

Canberra, 2603