Discovering the many cafes and restaurants of Kingston is no easy feat, especially if you’re planning on tackling it solo! Creator of Say Hello Kingston, Eternity Hausen, saw this as an opportunity to create a meet up for locals who want to discover new people and enjoy where they live to the fullest. We caught up with Eternity to chat about Say Hello Kingston, it’s humble beginnings and how you can get involved!

Thanks for joining us today Eternity! First of all, what is Say Hello Kingston?

Say Hello Kingston is all about making friends and building a sense of community. Canberra can be a very lonely place and it can be difficult to make friends. The idea is to bring people together and create a sense of community – to do so we have partnered with Lifeline to help reduce social isolation and loneliness. 

How did Say Hello Kingston come about?

I was new to the Kingston Foreshore area and wanted to make friends locally to enjoy the coffees and restaurants with and there wasn’t really a way to do that at the time. So, I began a Facebook page and did a letterbox drop to let people know I’d created the page and the concept grew organically from there.

What types of events do you currently hold? 

We run a number of different events to interest anyone and everyone in the are. Say Hello Kingston regularly hosts brunches, wine tastings, dinners, burger nights and we have even held a ‘paws to pavement’ walk. At the moment we are in the process of organising a Say Hello Canberra Ball for later on in the year – so stay tuned!

Who comes along to these events?

Say Hello Kingston is for everyone, from young professionals to the mature-aged residents. It’s a great way to meet your neighbours and stay on the pulse! Members of the group receive exclusive discounts at the Foreshore too which is always nice.

Which Canberra venues, are best for Say Hello Kingston social gatherings?

My two favourite places to grab a coffee in Canberra are Beef & Barely at the Kingston Foreshore and the Elk & Pea in Braddon. Both of these places have great coffee and a good atmosphere with plenty of space to mingle with new people.

If we wanted to sign up today, what memberships do you have available?

We offer three different types of memberships. Each membership includes a number of benefits including complimentary coffees and exclusive discounts throughout Canberra, Kingston and Braddon.  We are always working hard to support venues and develop partnerships that benefit venues and our members.

Where will Say Hello Kingston be in five years from now?

I’m currently focusing on Say Hello Kingston, Canberra and Braddon. I want to do a really good job of hosting these events and facilitating a comfortable environment so that everyone can make friends. I also love that Say Hello is a one of a kind social membership where people can come to events but also receive exclusive offers. It’s a lot of fun! In the next five years, I hope that Say Hello is Canberra’s number one social membership.