Canberra’s restaurateur turned winemaker, Nathan Brown, has been named as one of the prestigious 18th Young Gun of Wine award winners.

A country-wide search for winemakers that continue to reshape the Australian wine landscape, the rigorous two-day judging process celebrates not only the quality of wine but also encompasses the presentation, labelling, their place in the Australian wine story, and their connection with wine professionals and consumers.

Known for his work at former Ainslie restaurant, Pulp Kitchen, Nathan has worked across multiple venues in Canberra’s hospitality scene for over a decade. Now, following a desire to delve deeper into his love of wine, he makes it under his own label, Linear Wines, and has won several awards and recognition for his adventurous approach.

Unlike many winemakers, Nathan doesn’t tend to his own vineyards and instead seeks interesting and hidden parcels of grapes from around the Canberra district, Hilltops, Gundagai and Tumbarumba regions, and stakes a claim on those. Having a one-man approach to wine sees him personally tending, harvesting and processing the fruit.

“My aim is to create interesting region-specific wines from the immediate region and surrounds,” he says.

“We have access to a wide range of climatic conditions in our greater region. The flavours that can be created when the climate ranges from havoc to tranquil and everything in between gives us access to more varieties grown in the right conditions. This is what hooked me on winemaking.”

If you’re one of the few who are yet to try a glass of Linear Wines, they can be found at a range of Canberra restaurants, as well as in your local bottle shop and online.

For more about the award and the full list of 2024 winners, head to Young Gun of Wine.