Seth Sentry played at Transit Bar on Saturday night, and if you weren’t there you missed one of the best gigs in a long time. Up and coming Melbourne rapper Seth Sentry played to a sold out crowd and making it like no other with beer sculling, nerf guns, free-styling and water pistols.

The line had already started forming when we arrived at 8pm, with numerous of people being turned away at the door as the show had sold out days earlier. The atmosphere was quite relaxed as we entered but it didn’t take long to start buzzing thanks to Mr Hill & Rahjconkas who made sure the crowd were on their feet and dancing, telling everyone to get into the middle of the dance floor before they started their set. It worked well as the dance floor filled quickly with everyone bouncing to the beat.
The guys ripped up the stage with the incredibly talented Grey Ghost following up soon after. He played songs such as Space Ambassador and Black Ghost Gold Chain from his self titled EP as well as new songs off his mix tape which had everyone singing along. He put on a show standing on stools, to jumping around the stage to sitting down while the song slowed down. In between songs he also introduced his ‘ghost band’ although being alone on the stage, the humorous banter between the crowd and the guys on stage continued through out the night.

The highly anticipated Seth Sentry was on next coming on, with the star wars theme song playing as he approached the stage through the crowd. He kicked off the set with “I’m Seth Sentry and I’m a professional video gamer player” and then launched into the song Vacation where he was hit in the face by a nerf gun. In true Seth Sentry style, he made the gig like no other when he pulled out a nerf gun and started shooting into the crowd while continuing to play another song. The banter between him and his DJ, DJ Sizzle was like nothing else I’d ever seen before and continued through the entire night between and during songs adding to the fun and energetic atmosphere.

Not only did he have nerf guns as a surprise for the crowd, he later pulled out water pistols and was shooting them into the audience, asking anyone if they didn’t like it and shooting them in the face declaring that you should never show weakness at a Seth Sentry gig. But the laughs didn’t stop there, he would constantly be talking to the crowd, dedicating songs, and even sculling a beer when the crowd started the “Here’s to Seth” chant.

He played a mix of old and new songs from his EP The Waiter Minute as well as his new album This Was Tomorrow but he also even did a freestyle with Grey Ghost showing exactly how talented they are. Rapping about different things that had occurred at the show, you couldn’t help but be impressed as they easily flowed through one verse to another.

This was definitely a gig that wasn’t to be missed, it was an unbelievably fun gig and if you ever have the chance to see Grey Ghost or Seth Sentry again, I’d highly recommend it.