Top three must-haves in a home?

Glowing lamps in lieu of overhead downlights, chunky upholstery wherever you can get it in and ceramics everywhere.

What inspires you?

My clients – their trust in me, their killer homes and their stories. I am also inspired to find unique pieces that aren’t seen everywhere that show a level of curation.

What would your dream house look like?

Haha – for now I live in it as I am in a lovely mid-century home surrounded by my gorgeous girls, husband and Great Dane and pieces  I have collected over the past few years. But the dream house would just be a version of this. One level, floor to ceiling glazing, a sunken lounge and a cracking backyard.

How would you describe your style?

Liveable, textural, effortless

Five top tricks to revamp a room?

Paint all walls and the ceiling, switch things around, a colourful rug, some greenery, and something vintage.

How do you keep up with industry changes?

I rely on my network of sales reps to keep me informed. Such as if there a closure for European holidays, if there is a sale coming up or a special visit from an international guest. I don’t really worry about industry trends as such as I would never specify products with trend in mind, it is always a response to the brief and the architecture.

Do you prefer functionality or appeal?

I am split down the middle here. No matter what, your sofa has to be functional and comfortable and for that matter so does your dining chairs. But there are other areas where I think aesthetics trump everytime. Such as bedside tables – if you find one you love, who cares if it doesn’t have the one drawer you think you needed. Coffee tables don’t need to be anything but beautiful and in my personal experience, people just get used to the way they have always done things, but when challenged with a new approach, they generally adapt.

What do you know about sustainable design?

I would love to say I am versed in sustainable design principles and I can pick a 5 star rated option from a line up, but I am rightly or wrongly more enamoured by interesting and beautiful design and I feel that if I guide my clients well, they won’t be buying things that are disposable and rather, build a lifelong collection of pieces that won’t end up as landfill.