Iconic Canberra suit maker, John Hanna, is being remembered by the Canberra community in a new mural by Canberra based artist Christopher Toth, located in Garema Place.

The artwork, commissioned by In The City Canberra (#InTheCityCanberra), will honor John who passed away in September and will be a remembrance of him as one of the city’s most well-known and respected retailers.

In The City Canberra CEO, Jane Easthope, says the work will acknowledge John and all the contributions he made to Canberra and the wider community.

“Johnny was one of the longest-serving and most highly esteemed traders within the CBD community,” Jane said. “He made an immense contribution to the CBD, so it’s only fitting we recognise him in this way.”

Christopher Toth, whose initial brief for the curved wall of Bible House was to ensure his design related to Canberra, and paying respect to John was a natural fit. The artwork represents the colourful nature and personality that John possessed and is painted in Christopher’s signature styles of energetic textures and colours.

“Johnny was a pillar of the community and he serviced a lot of people over the years,” Christopher said. “I wanted to pay tribute to his life, and give him a gift to say thanks for his time,” says Christopher.

Jane said the mural is already being welcomed by the community and is a lively addition to the City.

“We feel so privileged to be commissioning this piece of art and working alongside such a talented artist,” said Jane. “The mural will no doubt energise the City, while allowing Canberrans to remember such an iconic figure within our community.”

The artwork will remain on the walls of Bible House until December.