Dive into the bustling hive of eateries at Marketplace Gungahlin, it is all happening on Hibberson Street since the Shared Zone road works came to an end. With a light rail start date set in April to help the daily commute, you’ll need to know about the café culture going on at Marketplace Gungahlin for those early morning starts and afternoon treks home.


Atlas brings locals inner-city café vibes way far North. It is a one of a kind boutique coffee shop catering to those who just want a damn good coffee in the morning, those who care about where their coffee comes from and those with a spare minute to try what’s new in the realm of caffeine. A cosy little nook which allows visitors to grab and go through a window or take a seat with their laptop while they sift through the day’s emails. It’s essentially the type of cafe that makes you excited to get to work each morning because you know the coffee connoisseurs there will get your day off to a good start. An all-day breakfast and light lunch offering is available, a menu which changes to the season and is always delivered with top notch ingredients – most things are even vegan friendly! We tried the Chilli Scramble with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and Moroccan spice, it was an edgy version of your regular scramble and one I will be back for.  As far as coffee goes they have everything from Batch Brew, AeroPress, Pour Over, Cold Brew and all your basics, if you don’t know what these are – just ask – the crew here could chat coffee all day and ensure all their beans are sustainability sourced.

Café Cherry Beans

Renowned for a menu a little out of the ordinary, Café Cherry Beans will tick all your brunch boxes. It’s the type of place to relax at a table with your laptop and let the vibes from the bookshelf fittings inspire you for an afternoons work. With the option to sit outdoors as well, it is no wonder this place is packed on weekends, popular dishes include the simple but comforting Alex Breakfast with soft poached eggs, sundried tomato, sautéed mushroom, risoni and grated Padano cheese on sourdough toast. They also have their own version of the perennial brekkie fave, Smashed Avo. Find it with slithers of cucumber, chia seeds, a hard-boiled egg and chilli on fruit bread. For me, the highlight was the Fruit Toast, it is so bright, beautiful and refreshing. Fresh fruit sliced on top of whipped ricotta and you can taste the season in every bite. While I prized the fruit toast, I could still appreciate why the Kransky Brekkie would be a crowd pleaser. Forget bacon on waffles – this kransky version is next level and its topped with a benedict sauce.

Oliver Brown

For those stepping off the Lightrail of an afternoon and may be in the need for something a little sweet, well Oliver Brown has all things sugary goodness. While summer may be over you can still taste it with Oliver Browns range of fruit crushes or diner style sundaes which are over indulgent and perfect for date night too! In the AM try a vibrant blueberry, strawberry or mango + yogurt smoothie and by the PM the only thing on our mind was their famous choc-chip waffles. Strawberries and bananas counteract the melted Belgium choc and vanilla bean ice-cream – you do not want to commit to sharing these waffles, they are way too good! While I did say Oliver Brown has all the ingredients to make you think it’s still summer, their menu makes us excited for winter too. Think late night fondues, thick Belgium hot chocolates with all sorts of toppings such as crunchy balls and whipped cream, coconut or a mint base.

Whether you’re on a mission for your morning coffee, resting the legs mid grocery-shop or taking the fam out for a weekend brunch, there are endless places to discover the café culture at Marketplace Gungahlin.

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