What should be the busiest time of year for local business Event AV Services (EAVS) booking events, concerts, festivals and live bands all came to a halt when Covid-19 restrictions were announced. While locals have tried to support suffering industries such as hospitality, the events space which has arguably taken a greater hit needs our support too.

EAVS have launched live streaming gigs in Canberra called ‘Live in ya lounge room.’ Their first gig partnered with Hands like Houses on a “Donate” model, whereby it was free to view, with requests for donation. Live views on YouTube amounted to 2500 while Facebook was 1300. In the following 48-hours 65,000 people tuned in to watch the playback.

With an impressive tune in rate the team have national and local acts lined up all eager to entertain you from your lounge room. EAVS have partnered with Venues ACT and have secured a semi-permanent venue space to setup a live broadcast performance area for the ultimate gig experience.

With performance in their blood EAVS believe having access to engaging, full production live entertainment provided straight into people’s homes will have a significant impact on improving the mental distress caused by social distancing measures. Plus, it provides another avenue for interactive entertainment sessions for children.

“With a permanent setup we will be able to work with a plethora of local bands to produce local content. Creating a positive sense of community solidarity during this time will be crucial to maintaining the social distancing measure in place.”

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