It is a unique experience to be sitting on top of a eucalypt-covered hill in the middle of a city sipping a coffee, while kangaroos jump past and the Australian flag flutters from Parliament House discernable in the not-too-far-off distance. This is the experience at Little Brother – a café atop Red Hill offering a breakfast and lunch affair with a view.

Located on the bottom floor of the circular Red Hill Lookout, Little Brother is an ideal destination to take in views of Canberra towards the lake with the lurid leaves of Autumn, blossoms of Spring and everything in between. Polished wooden floors, stainless steel buckets of cutlery and a colourful eclectic mix of chairs give the café a relaxed and fun vibe to enjoy a casual meal or coffee.

Take a seat on the umbrella-covered veranda, and you’ll really appreciate the phrase ‘the bush capital’. Elevated from the hustle and bustle of the city, among a canopy of gum trees and mobs of kangaroos with an approachable menu that is full of classics.

Eggs Benny of course, makes an appearance on the breakfast menu, as well as eggs done to your liking with the lot. For the sweeter toothed, French toast with berry coulis or croissants with jam might fit the bill.

Forget about the view for a minute to enjoy a lunch feasting on the Pork Spare Ribs. A stack of ribs on the bone come with a side of crunchy, creamy coleslaw of wombok and fennel. The ribs themselves are sticky and sumptuous, cooked with a secret mix of Asian spices. Don’t wear your best finery, as it will undoubtedly be a casualty in the process of lunch.

The retro classic of bangers and mash is seldom seen on café menus, but Little Brother is after approachable and comforting dishes.

Fluffy Paris mash is a bed for two gourmet Beef and Lamb Sausages, rich in garlic and herb flavours, with a generous drizzle of lustrous jus and side of wilted spinach. Sweet and silky caramelised onion add the last element, helping balance the intensity of flavours and make the dish sing.

If deciding between menu options is proving a difficult task, then the Plate for Two is the answer. A smorgasbord with a Mediterranean flair, the platter is an offering of tidbits to give you taste of everything. Crispy zucchini puffs heavily spiced with a Moroccan flavours, super soft calamari marinated in citrus and coriander, gamey duck and pork rillettes to spread atop crunchy bread and beer battered fish morsels with tangy tartare are highlights of the plate, offset by refreshing pickled zucchini and spiced fruity compote.

Under a heading of ‘Sweet Stuff’ on the menu you’ll find the Orange, Thyme and Pink Peppercorn Panacotta. The lightness of the creamy pannacotta is a refreshing way to end the meal. It is flavoured softly with the earthy flavours of thyme and pink peppercorn, and refreshing citrus of orange and zing of berry coulis. The silky pannacotta is paired with crunchy honeycomb, creating an appealing amalgamation of textures.

Casual cafe dining doesn’t mean leaving hungry and unsatisfied at Little Brother. Satisfying dishes can even be enjoyed with a glass of wine, with a side of beautiful Canberra views.

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