Lake Burley Griffin is arguably one of the most iconic locations in Canberra and has proved an unrivalled circuit for fundraising walks and runs in the Capital. Next week, Tuesday 12 February the lake will host another important event – Closing the Gap Fun Run, kicking off at 6.30am at Reconciliation Place. This is your chance to leave your mark in an initiative which transforms Indigenous communities through physical activity.

To acknowledge the 2019 Closing the Gap Statement to Parliament, the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) will be hosting a Deadly Fun Run 5km Walk and Run to celebrate Indigenous achievement and the positive impact that IMF’s health and fitness programs are having across the country.

IMF founder and director Rob de Castella said the Closing the Gap Fun Run was a great way for people to acknowledge the grassroots transformations taking place in communities across Australia.

“Since 2010, IMF has spread our Run Sweat Inspire message across more than 40 Indigenous communities, from the very remote, to country towns and major cities,” Mr de Castella said.

“There is a real and significant culture of distance running spreading as our Indigenous Marathon Project graduates use what they have learnt to encourage physical activity among their families and friends.

“We all know that this leads to significant improvements in health and wellbeing, as well as being fun for kids, adults and the elderly. “It’s a positive step in the right direction and something all Australians can celebrate.”

IMF’s Closing the Gap Fun Run is a FREE event for all ages. Register now.