The Kindness Matters Project has just launched in the Capital by Community Services #1. This new initiative aims to create community connection and spread joy throughout Canberra and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The social media project challenges Canberrans to participate in a random act of kindness each week, then use the hashtag #kindnessmatters to share their deeds and see what others are doing.

The aim isn’t to go viral – it’s to make kindness contagious. In this time of uncertainty locals will be brightening the lives of the community through these random acts which are simple to execute.

“Research shows that performing acts of kindness can improve feelings of happiness, improve mental wellbeing and relationships,” said Amanda Tobler, Community Services #1 CEO.

It’s week one and the first challenge is to send someone an ‘I’m thinking of you’ card. Although we live in a digital world, a card sent through the post or delivered in someone’s letterbox can mean a lot to both the sender and the recipient. Sometimes it can mean more than a phone call or email.

“We are excited to see how far the project can go – our staff team and clients have been encouraged to participate and this initiative is open to anyone and everyone. We know that acts of kindness can have positive effects on the brain of people who witness it, improving their mood and making it more likely that it will be paid forward. This means that by sharing our good deeds on social media we can have a domino effect and improve the lives of many Canberrans and beyond during this pandemic”.

To join the kindness challenge, visit Community Services #1 on social media to see the weekly task posted every Sunday evening.


Instagram: @CS1Canberra