Rabble Group, the visionaries behind Braddon’s favourite pub Assembly and highly acclaimed restaurant Corella, have announced their next ambitious journey.

Revitalising the Sydney Building at Alinga Street, which was once the home to the iconic Pancake Parlour, the group is transforming the site into three unique hospitality concepts.

“The building is steeped in history and potential,” says Founder of Rabble Group, Wes Heincke. “We wanted to do something meaningful to recapture the essence of this iconic area.”

Expected to launch in November, within the trio of offerings, the ground floor will take centre stage, with a spacious split-level Italian restaurant, Bada Bing Dining Club. Boasting a nostalgic and warm fit-out, the restaurant will feature a prominent bar area and versatile private dining room.

Next will be Al’s Deli and Diner, a sandwich joint expected to upgrade your weekday lunches, focusing on quality ingredients and made-to-order options as well as a quick sambo to-go.

The final venue will be far from conventional. Fun Time Pony, a late-night rock dance club set to bring big name bands to Canberra will be the place to be if you want to boogie until the lights come on, with a dark, grungy and untamed vibe.

“While we’re keeping some elements under wraps to maintain an air of anticipation, we’ve had a lot of fun with each concept and we’re thrilled to share a glimpse of what’s in store,” says Heincke.

With more news expected to drop in the coming months, all we can do now is wait in anticipation to see these venues come to life in November.