Sure, Yoga has become pretty mainstream, but Yoga for your face is something we have only just discovered. Think resistance training for your face; strengthening and toning forms of exercise applied to the muscles of the face. Watch a few YouTube videos to eliminate droopy jaws without actual facelift. A dermatology study found that 30 minutes of exercise for 12 weeks can make you look 3 three years younger!


Yoga therapy is an emerging field of natural medicine that compassionately reintegrates the mind–body relationship.This evidence-based complementary therapy is particularly effective at improving mental health, anxiety and depression. Yoga therapy can be practiced along with conventional medical treatments.

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What about putting your trust in someone else? Acrobatics yoga works with partner and group acrobatics. You’ll be learning to trust other bodies and respond rather than react.

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Yoga play for kids adds a whole new dimension to imaginative play! Through Yoga stories can be created where kids travel the world, explore their imaginations and create some real magic. Yoga can also bring focus into little minds and concentration, as well as soothe nerves and emotions.

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Bodhifit studio is hosting a relaxing night of hatha yoga by lights. What’s more relaxing that yoga in the dark, spike your senses and feel at ease. More details.

Date: Thursday 4th of July
Time: 6pm-7pm
Cost: $25 per person pre payment is essential to secure your spot
Bookings: by emailing [email protected]
What to bring: Yoga mat and blanket
Address: 23 Brindabella Circuit, Canberra Airport.


Back to our friends YouTube for this one. You’re looking for a mix of Kundalini yoga with some Hatha postures to boost our metabolisms. Usually a metabolism boosting yoga will start off energetic to awaken our glandular system, followed by Hatha yoga postures to raise our heart rates, a few poses to release your organs and recalibrate and harder to hold poses worked up to long periods of time that work to adjust the heat in the body.