Calling all caffeine enthusiasts to raise your cups, because today (October 1) is International Coffee Day! A day to unite over the love of our wonderfully-sourced coffee and celebrate its journey from farm to cup. One day didn’t seem long enough to celebrate, so we are commending those golden beans for the whole month of October!

This year, the International Coffee Association has chosen the special theme of ‘Women in Coffee’ to highlight the need for equality in the industry and empower the hard-working women in the coffee sector.

It’s no secret Australians are serious about their coffee. There’s no better way to wake up in the morning than to the sound of an espresso machine and the scent of freshly grinded beans. Most of all, whether it’s straight espresso, milky, frothy, long and black or a pour over, we can’t get enough of the delicious taste.

Lucky for us, Canberra is a hub for world-class coffee roasters with those golden beans sourced sustainably from around the world. Here are our top picks for speciality coffee roasters in the nation’s capital delivering us that flawless brew!

ONA Coffee

Home to the awarded barista champions of the world, ONA coffee has placed Canberra on the map in the coffee scene. With the philosophy that coffee is more than a drink, but tells a story, ONA takes us through a journey from the sustainably sourced bean to the coffee cup. Embedded in the experience is ‘Project Origin’; their green bean ethical trading company which ensures their beans are sourced in a way that empowers the place of origin. With beans sourced from across the globe, ONA Coffee produces a cutting-edge balance of flavours in every coffee cup. Want to find them? ONA Coffee is supplied through various cafes, including their five venues which provide an exceptional setting to enjoy a cup of their finely roasted beans complemented with a delicious meal.

Redbrick Espresso Coffee Roasters

From a small suburban espresso bar in Curtin, Red Brick has fully-fledged as one of Canberra’s top roasters, with four cafes and wholesale to 30 businesses across Canberra. A combination of three blends and single-origin beans, each bag of coffee has its own unique flavour profile.  Their community-minded philosophy is kept in mind with everything they do from sourcing local products, to creating a friendly atmosphere for locals. Red Brick aims to educate and encourage consumers to appreciate ethically-sourced coffee from around the world. The founder sources their green beans through specialty coffee businesses in Melbourne and Sydney, who source directly from quality producers in Africa and Central and South America. In continuous efforts to serve the Canberra community and source local and ethical products, Redbrick espresso is set to continually thrive amongst the nation’s capital.

Lonsdale Street Roasters

Located in the heart of Braddon, Lonsdale Street Roasters started out with a passion for great locally-sourced coffee. A simple concept to source quality coffee, roast it, pour it all under the same roof has been a great success, as they pride themselves in producing high quality custom-made beans. With a range of over 15 blends, each bag entails a unique balance of strength and flavour to suit every palette. The Lonsdale Street location is where the magic roasting happens, providing customers with the experience to get up close and personal to the coffee roasting action, before buying a bag for themselves.  But don’t worry, if you want more there are five cafes in the Lonsdale Street family.

Barrio Collective Coffee Bar + Roaster

A simplified and sophisticated approach to coffee, Barrio Collective is a hidden gem in the urban hub of Braddon. With beans sourced directly from villages in coffee growing regions around the world or ethically-sourced through importers in Australia, they roast beans on a small scale for their little café. Not only do they have a hip atmosphere and a cosy setting, but each cup is made with a world of knowledge behind it. To add to their unique concept, they use handcrafted cups without saucers, house-made nut milks are available, and coconut sugar syrup as opposed to sugar provides a twist. A trip to Barrio will leave you wanting more, as coffee is showcased with wonderfully-paired local produce.

Two Before Ten

From the suburb of Aranda, the team at Two Before Ten are always roasting, cupping, blending and brewing away to deliver their smooth blend of coffee. Both sites provide a relaxed and inclusive vibe where their blends can be paired with a delicious meal. To share the love, they open up their ‘cupping’ sessions to the public every week at 11am for all to get involved in tasting, analysing, and learning about coffee alongside other coffee lovers. Want to get even more up close and personal? Try ‘The Roasting Experience’ to learn the elaborate roasting process and bag up all your hard work to take home! The passion behind Two Before Ten is making its way through the Canberra region and and available at a growing number of venues.

Penny University Coffee Roasters

In 17th century London, the first coffeehouses involved paying a penny to enter a social environment with an eclectic group of people who bonded over the latest news, gossip and the love of coffee. The modern-day Penny University welcomes everyone into their quirky setting for a social gathering or to taste their freshly roasted coffee. Comprising ‘Penny’s Blend’- a sweet and spicy full-bodied aroma with notes or dark choc and raspberry, single origin and pour-overs. The founders want nothing more than customers to enjoy a great cup of coffee, paired with great experience, quality food and service. Sit back, relax and take in the cosy and social atmosphere of Penny’s.

So there we have it, our favourite Coffee in Canberra goes far beyond what’s in our cups! This coffee month, let’s appreciate those on the daily grind who ethically and passionately source our coffee that we know and love!