It is damn cold, and the only way to survive is to rug up from your toes to your turtle. The good news is, dressing to combat the brutal cold outweighs trying to be stylish, but the even better news is a turtleneck can be strategically placed under almost any outfit to achieve both!

The high-collar sweater pulls off a chic look worn close-fitting or oversized. Along with being impeccably cosy, there is not much this winter staple can’t do.

While the weather is steadily decreasing to sub-zero temps overnight, we should be increasing our layering starting off with a turtleneck. From a thermal skivvy to a thick cowl neck knit, you know how the saying goes ‘one for each occasion,’ only this time we actually aren’t kidding. The sheer (barely there) turtleneck is also trending – obviously not for warmth – but good on them for managing to make the inherently modest turtleneck sexy.

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