We are very excited to be a part of the new fortnightly G&T Time style series with local stylists Gerard Wilton and Tracey Davis, who will be sharing with you their style tips and tricks with a whole lot of humour.

With the first episode airing 2 June, we thought we’d share with you a little bit about Gerard and Tracey’s fashion background, so you can get to know them ahead of the series and love them as much as we do!

Tell us a bit about your styling experience?

Gerard: I started on test shoots and worked my way into paid jobs which then turned into full time freelancing and working with companies like Country Road, Sony Music Australia, Westfield Shopping Centres, City of Melbourne, and numerous others.

Tracey: I studied a professional styling course at the Australian Style Institute in Melbourne where I gained insight into the link between human behaviour and how it impacts a client’s style and confidence. From there I gained experience as a personal stylist before moving into editorial and I have been fortunate enough to work more recently in TV and film.

What made you turn to fashion? Did you always know being a stylist was a career you wanted to pursue?

Gerard: I really fell into fashion accidentally, I was working as a retail visual merchandiser and after a few shoots everything happened organically. Fashion and anything with creative problem solving is what I love to do.

Tracey: Fashion has always been an easy form of self-care to me, as spending an extra 5 minutes choosing an outfit that makes me feel good positively impacts my day. It wasn’t until my mid-thirties that I realised this didn’t come as naturally to everyone, so after lots of requests to help style family, friends and strangers I decided to take the leap and change careers. I haven’t looked back.

How would you describe your personal style? What is your go-to fashion piece and why?

Gerard: My personal style is pretty basic, black and white and a sneaker. It’s a uniform for me, with six to seven key pieces that I rotate. I don’t really care to dress up or be over the top – when you’re dealing with clothing day in and day out it’s easier to have a uniform that you don’t have to think about.

Tracey: My personal style is constantly evolving – you have to let go of who you were to become who you are. That said, I would summarise my style as consistently classic with a twist. I favour versatile items such as a white shirt, jeans, blazer or trench punctuated with a colourful, patterned or statement accessory. I don’t care if its budget, vintage, high street, borrowed or (occasionally) high end; as long as it makes me feel good and like ‘me’, it’s a winner.

How do you feel to have your own styling series/ what are you most excited for?

Gerard: It’s super exciting that we can impart our knowledge and have a bit of fun.

Tracey: I’m humbled and excited to feature in my own styling series. To be paid to talk about my true passion is the stuff dreams are made of and I hope we can inspire the viewers to style clothing they already own in different ways, or encourage them to try something new. To do it alongside Gerard is the most exciting part for me as I will learn and grow as a stylist from him.

Where can we find you around Canberra in your spare time?

Gerard: In my spare time you can find me with family and friends, probably with a drink in hand (a margarita or vino are my go-to’s) or at the NGA – one of my favourite buildings in Canberra.

Tracey: Spare time eludes me as I also run a building company with my husband, Richard and have two high-school aged daughters whose weeknight and weekend sporting and social commitments put me to shame. The #mumtaxi stereotype exists for a reason! When not spending time with my family, you can catch me at our local for lunch and a cheeky glass of wine with friends.

What do you love about one another’s styling perspective/ what do value do you bring each other as a duo?

Gerard: I love that Tracey empowers women to feel their best. We have different perspectives and bounce off each other. She has infectious energy that people will love as much as I do. We may need some subtitles sometimes. HA!

Tracey: Gerard is the yin to my yang, both professionally and personally. His national experience dressing models on higher end campaigns contrasts yet compliments my personal styling where I work predominantly with everyday women, often with modest budgets. Where Gerard is calm, cool and collected, I am bubbly, loud and excitable. Together we bring the best out in each other and hope to be a reminder that fashion should be fun.