This is a friendly reminder that you have approximately twenty-six days left to complete your Christmas shopping and write a carefully thought out wish list for yourself to subtly (or not so subtly) hand to your loved ones. The giving season is upon us, the season that we identify as “the most wonderful time of the year” while singing along to carols and eating copious amounts of food. As we begin our festive prep we need to be mindful that Christmas can also be a time of struggle for many people. We’re all aiming to nail the Christmas list and give the perfect gift to your sibling or Secret Santa, but have you ever thought about giving a gift that gives back? Yes, that sounds like a tongue twister but it also an awesome concept that gives your person of choice a lovely gift while also giving back to someone who is less fortunate at this time of year.

Well what kind of gifts give back you say? check out our list of socially conscious Christmas gifts below and spread the festive joy:

  1. Thank you

Thankyou create life-changing personal care with 100% of the profit helping end global poverty. Thankyou have a range of products that would make great xmas gifts like their giftpack range where all the hard work is already done for you! You can be sure that your gift continues to give back with this brand as the unique tracker ID provided on each product can be entered on the website and used to track down the details of the project that your product is assigned to fund.

2. Baxter Blue

Baxter Blue have created the perfect gift for those who enjoy a little extra screen time by designing non-prescription eyewear for the digital age. Not only do these glasses filter out harmful blue violet light and look oh so chic, they also give back by providing a pair of glasses to someone in need with every glasses purchase.

3. Better World Books

Books are a great xmas gift for all ages and are extra great when you purchase off Better World Books. With a huge range of books available to purchase online you’re bound to find to find the perfect gift and once you have made your purchase Better World Books will donate a book to someone in need.

4. Conscious step

Groovy socks that create an impact in making the world a better place, who wouldn’t want to receive that gift under the tree this year! To really get in to the holiday spirit purchase a Socks that Fight Poverty Holiday Edition Gift Box, these gift boxes provide relief kits, plants trees and safe water.

5. Charity Pot

Just when you thought Lush products couldn’t get any lusher, this awesome cosmetics brand went and created the Charity Pot. This little pot of goodness is “an all-round body lotion that does a lot of good – and not just to your skin”. With every purchase of Charity Pot, Lush donate 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small, grassroots organisations to help them to continue the wonderful work that they do.

6. The Brave Collection

I can almost guarantee that there is a certain someone on your gift list that would swoon over a beautiful piece of jewellery. The Brave Collection pieces are handmade by Cambodian artisans who come from underprivileged backgrounds or suffer from disabilities. Not only will you be purchasing an eye-catching accessory you will also be providing job opportunities and providing a donation towards fighting human trafficking in Cambodia.