University will be back in full flight soon and it is only natural that your motivation will be low. Being on holidays for so long, it is hard to get back into things but here are some helpful tips to get those motivation levels back to where they need to be and get the semester underway.

  1. Balance

A good balance of work, social, sport and uni is always something that will help you through your degree. As much as studying is important it’s also important to still allow yourself some time to relax and have fun.

  1. One thing at a time

One of the biggest problems for a uni student is they overheat due to taking on too much. Taking on too much often results in the quality of work going down and stress levels going up, the old saying is quality over quantity, right? That being said it’s best not to leave your assignments to the last minute, that’s just asking for added pressure. Leave ample time to complete your assignments and plan out your semester to maximise your efficiency.

  1. Positive people

You don’t actually realise how much your friends influence you.  If you have friends who are a little bit lazy, you tend to follow them. Conversely, if your friends are motivated and positive your attitude will follow, so try to surround yourself with those types of people.

  1. Think big

The easiest way to get motivated is to think positive about the future. Think of how your degree will help you in your journey in getting that dream job and use that to push on.

  1. Drop that phone!

Put your phone down for one hour a day, that’s it, one hour, and this will increase your work efficiency enormously. The phone is the main distraction for a uni student, in lectures and when studying, but if you drop the phone then you will engage and take on content at a much higher level.

  1. Bribe yourself

Lastly, you can use a tactic which has been used for years, bribery, yes bribery. Set yourself clear goals and reward yourself at the completion of them, “write 100 words and then you can watch more episode of Married at First Sight.” Until you complete your goals avoid distraction, turn off the TV and phone, and complete your goal.