We all know ‘Golden Hour’ is the perfect time to snap that flattering AF selfie. But we set out to find the best spots around Canberra which boast the best lighting for the incessantly popular selfie. FYI for those who don’t know, Golden Hour is the period shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset. This time of day generates a soft golden light with hues of red which is most flattering to be photographed in. Golden hour distributes the perfect diffusion of light from the sun making the picture-perfect Instagram shot that you are looking for.

Here’s our list for the best go to spots to get the perfect selfie.

Mt Ainslie – An oldie but a goodie. This is forever the go to spot for a insta – worthy snap. Take yourself up the walking trail until you reach the stone staircase near the top. This spot has the perfect landscape for a selfie no matter what time of day. Mt Ainslie Is particularly beautiful at golden hour (As seen here). Sunset’s on this mountain is definitely a hard spot to resist getting your camera out for a picture or 300.

Booroomba Rocks – Located in Namadgi National Park this glorious location certainly has the backdrop for a killer selfie. Wander through tall forests to reach the top of the massive cliffs for a vivid photo shoot if there ever was one. Any time of day is picturesque here with a panoramic shot of the sky with the beautiful rocks behind you. This spot is un doubtfully gorgeous at golden hour!

Australian National Botanic Garden – Head straight to the rainforest gully! Seriously, if you love greenery as much as me this is a can’t miss photo opportunity. The gully is jam packed full of beautiful soaring trees and vibrant looking ferns. You will get glistens of sunlight down here on a bright day which will compliment any photo amongst the green wonderland.

Gibraltar Falls – About 50km from Canberra, this one’s got a commitment with the drive from the city but the scenes are definitely worthwhile for the ‘gram. Sitting on the edge of Gibraltar Creek Pine Forest is the cascade waterfall. There are a number of walking trails surrounding it too, so go on the hunt for the best spot to snap a shot. Personally, I wouldn’t say no to a pic right next to the waterfall. 10/10 Spot to shoot any hour of the day.

Cotter Reserve – Who doesn’t love a selfie surrounded by the gorgeous natural elements of the earth. Cotter Reserve is surrounded by striking Australian bushland giving that perfect picturesque moment right in front of you. In particular Paddy’s River provides the sun and shade selfie backdrops in one spot. The flowing river is certainly stealing the show when you come here. This spot is one to put on your bucket list for a feel-good summer day selfie with the sun glistening on the water.

National Arboretum – If you’ve never checked out the Arboretum around Golden Hour you are doing yourself an injustice. The Arboretum provides the most exceptional views of the rolling hills and mountains of Canberra. Make your way to ‘Dairy Farmers Hill’ which encapsulates all the radiant goodness of the sky right in front of your eyes. I can highly recommend the hill for a GLOW-UP selfie.

HotelHotel Grand Staircase – This is the only time I would recommend an indoor selfie over mother nature’s lighting. I only say this because the HotelHotel Staircase is seriously stimulating on the eyes. The extravagant wooden panels are scattered vicariously along the walls and ceiling leading up to the hotel lobby. This staircase is definitely the perfect artsy looking back-drop for your camera.

Commonwealth Park – Situated on the Northside of Lake Burley Commonwealth Park is an extremely insta-worthy spot. Amidst the trees, the water and the bright sky, the lighting at this place is to die for. There are several perfect corners for the paramount selfie in this place. Venture over towards the big willow trees surrounding Nerang Pool. The big beautiful trees host the lighting and impeccable highlights for your camera lens. This spot is particularly beautiful at during forever mentioned GOLDEN HOUR!

Canberra’s wine region – Every wine lovers dream, but even more so a selfie takers heaven on earth. The wine region of Canberra is home to 140 Vineyards and is located only 35 minutes from Canberra. There’s no better place to capture the perfect wine-in-your-hand smiling selfie than here. A beautiful autumn day will compliment your selfie amongst red and yellow leaves at the vineyards. Wine not eh?

The Howling Moon – How could a rooftop bar not make the list for the perfect selfie lighting? The Howling Moon resides on the top of the Rex Hotel. The bar provides 180 views of Canberra towards Black Mountain. There is so much to love up here. The glass windows, the greenery, the roof is even glass! This is the selfie takers dream location with endless pictures whichever time you please. Golden Hour certainly puts on a grand display from every angle up in this haven!