It’s called fashion, DARLING, and it’s time to change it up! Starting October 19, FASHFEST will roll out the first in a series of fashion shows to be held in unique and iconic Canberra locations. That’s right, we’re talking multiple shows over various dates for maximum fashion intake!

FASHFEST has switched it up in order to stay fresh as well as be able to showcase the beauty of architecture, fashion and other creative elements. Their first show will launch at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) with the others held in December and February, also at venues of cultural and historic significance.

The three labels selected for 19 October are Charly Thorn Designs, Megan Cannings Designs and Maison De Challie. Armed with lavish materials, extravagant prints and exquisite designs; these artists have come to wow their audience with inspirations from around the globe.

Turn into an A-list celebrity for the night by chucking on a funky outfit and ‘gramming all the action from FASHFEST. You’ll not only be supporting independent local and regional fashion labels, but you’ll also get to ogle some of the most deluxe collections you’ve ever seen.

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