DESIGN Canberra has now kicked off, showing off Canberra as an innovative and globally recognised city of design over three weeks until 24 November. 

TWIN MINIGAGARIN is the first piece to be presented as part of the festival at Canberra Airport. Acclaimed Berlin-based design team, Plastique Fantastique, has created the new inflatable installation, investigating urban and social issues in a playful manner.

The futuristic look of TWIN MINIGAGARIN invites people to enter, have fun and engage with public space. Its tactile and aesthetic qualities provoke immediate and sensual reactions, regardless of people’s age, education or cultural background. The play of form, colour and transparency in the installation encourages audiences to engage directly with the work, creating a unique relationship to the surrounding context of Canberra Airport.

There are over 200 events, exhibitions, talks, tours, markets, artist studios and open homes to be showcased as part of DESIGN Canberra so keep an eye out for the creative flair in the air.

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