If you’re keen to settle in for a session of delicious craft beer, then Transit Bar in the city is your ultimate destination. With a 12 taps showcasing an evolving range, there’s always something new to try.

For others, the world of craft beer can be a daunting one. What the hell is a bock? What time of year should you try aDogbolter? Are some Pale Ales really from India?

Relax. If there’s one thing that gets a beer aficionado excited, then its helping someone that knows nothing about the range of flavours and styles on offer. Transit’s Bar Manager, Sam, has this down to a fine art.

“The first thing I ask a new customer is simply, ‘What do you normally drink?’” Once I get the answer to that questions, we can start to work on a couple of flavours to sample.”

“It’s always great watching a customer’s horizons broaden… right there in front of you. As soon as they realise there’s a whole world outside of the classic Aussie lager, then the range of options is almost unlimited.”

Sam knows it’s important to let people move at their own pace. “Put too much pressure on them, and they’ll head straight back to an old favourite. We prefer to treat it as a process where the customer gets to decide when to take the next step.”

Across Transit’s dozen taps there are some absolute gems. Starting with an updated version of Australian Lager (Great Northern, 4.2%) we were quick to move on to some of the stunning Pale Ales – with variations including an American style from Monteith’s (5.7%) and Pact with the Devil – a cracking Belgian Indian Pale Ale from local brewers, Pact Beer.

In fact, Transit’s owner Marc Grainger, is one of three founding partners in Pact Beer. It’s the ultimate demonstration of Transit’s commitment to quality beer that they have effectively gone to the point of brewing their own.

When you’re ready to try the Pact with the Devil, be sure to pull up a stool. Like many craft beers, the alcohol is a bit higher (8.5%), but that doesn’t impact on the flavour. In fact, this is gentle in colour and with a well-rounded taste. Easily enjoyed, it’s certainly one that might get you into trouble.

After that, simply wander up and down the taps to take in the many styles of beer especially selected by the Transit team. Even better, the next time you head down the stairs you’re likely to discover something that’s totally different again.

Oh, and the answers to the earlier questions? A bock is a dark, malty, lightly hopped ale. A dogbolter is a dark German lager, and India Pale Ale was originally brewed for the East India Company.

Now you know!