If you’ re familiar with the Chinese calendar, you’ll be aware that many of the country’s biggest festival are aligned to the lunar calendar rather than the one that we use. As a result, the dates seem to float around.

But hey, so does Easter.

In late-September or early-October, Chinese (and Vietnamese, Thai and Korean) people celebrate the Moon (or Mid-Autumn) Festival. It’s a significant date in the northern hemisphere, as it signals the time of harvest and of families coming together. This is a time for prosperity and hope, and is marked with holidays in those Asian cultures.

This Sunday, 1 October, Canberrans will celebrate Moon Festival in the forecourt of the Canberra Theatre Centre. The list of entertainment is long – more than 20 acts will take to the stage between 1.00pm and 8.00pm – and represents the broad range of cultures that mark the festival.

There will be music, dance, sand art, a traditional lion dance, and martial arts. Canberra’s own Lucy Sugarman (from The Voice) will be a feature of the evening. And, if Lucy’s beautiful acoustic styling’s aren’t to your taste, you can always get up and dance to ANU’s K-Pop dance medley.

Of course, there will be plenty of food. Moon cakes – a delicate pastry filled with red bean paste – is the tradition, however everything from Italian to teppanyaki will be available.

Entry is via gold coin donation. You are encouraged to bring in a can of excess food (within expiry date) and donate to the onsite OzHarvest milk crate station.

Find out more by checking out canberramoonfestival.com.au