Fiona Keary may be a big name in style transformation now but the Canberra stylist openly admits she was once a “style tragic”.

“I loved clothes but I had no idea how to pull it all together,” Fiona said.

“Sometimes I got it right, but ‘wow’ sometimes I got it very wrong. I remember turning up for interviews with large banking institutions in London with slightly crazy hair (blonde, red with hints of purple). Newly arrived from Australia I wondered why I didn’t make it past the first interview. One dye job later and I was employed.”

Fiona has learnt that first impressions matter.

“How we present ourselves impacts on how others see us,” she said.

“I (have) worked in the corporate sectors in London and Canberra. I’ve seen first-hand how many wrestle with those essential questions: how do you dress to project a confident, corporate edge? How do you balance a personal style with the expectations around your role? I’ve also seen how simple changes in how we present can elevate a person’s whole outlook.”

She said so much of a person’s confidence and self esteem is linked to how they look.

“Although there are many things that we can’t change, we can enhance our appearance by doing some simple things like choosing the best colours and shapes that flatter our colouring and body shape.

“That’s what I love. It’s as simple as understanding what works for you and what doesn’t.

“There’s nothing better than seeing the smile on someone’s face when they look in the mirror and love what they see.”

Fiona will be sharing her knowledge and passion at Canberra Centre’s Five-Step Style Transformation Workshop on Sunday 20 May.  The masterclass kicks off from 11am at Monaro Mall, level 1, where you can enjoy a fine display of Canberra Centre’s most fashionable labels and walk away with the best style advice for this season. Sit back and relax in style with champagne and canapes and hear Fiona’s top tips and tricks for mastering the latest autumn winter style trends.

Ticket information here.