Shorty’s has some egg-citing news for Canberra. In the spirit of Easter, they are releasing three Choctails: a delicious blend of chocolate and cocktails, which could just be the best combination known to humankind! There is something for everyone, ranging from milk to white chocolate.

Crunchie Martini – Caramel Vodka, Baileys, Chocolate Honeycomb, Cream

This one is my favourite. It is both rich and thick – a warm hug from the inside. The blend of ingredients is effortless and well balanced. The rim is lined with chocolate syrup which can get a bit messy but each tantalising taste makes it so worth it. The honeycomb adds a subtle crunch which doesn’t disrupt from the smoothness of the drink.

Milk Choc Magic – Mozart Choc Liqueur, Caramel Vodka, Chocolate

As the name suggests, this drink is pure magic! Served in a Paladio, it takes your favourite chocolate milkshake to the next level – complete with a chocolate wafer straw. The drink is creamy with a just a hint of vodka – you’ll have to mentally remind yourself that it’s alcoholic to stop yourself from sipping it in one go!

The Dreamy White – Vanilla Galliano, Caramel Vodka, White Chocolate

Served in a highball glass, this white chocolate creation is straight from a dream! This drink is more “cocktail” than “choctail” in comparison to the others. It’s classy and it’s sophisticated, with the chocolate taking a backseat, and the alcohol taking centre stage. For those after more of a “drink” this one is for you!

Kinder Surprise – your choice of alcohol

But wait – there’s more! For those who aren’t a fan of sitting and sipping, Shorty’s have not forgotten about you! You can have a shot of any alcohol you desire inside a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg. You are free to still celebrate the long weekend without committing to the full drink!