First, they stole the hearts and stomachs of the local vegan community, next they made us freezing cold Canberrans aware of Ramen (thank god); and now they are getting ready to share a little bundle of joy with locals. You guessed it, Lazy- Su is expecting Baby-Su Downtown!

What to expect when you’re expecting? Well, all we can really expect from the Lazy-Su team is an equally as loveable Baby-Su, we asked if the oldest child would always be the favourite but as good parents do they responded with ‘we will love them both equally.’

Co-owner Jared Calnan described their new venture Baby-Su as the “playful and fast-paced sibling to Lazy Su.”

The seed for Baby-Su was planted in response to die-hard fans of the Braddon eatery keeping the boys on their toes and requesting takeaway and delivery. It was time Lazy-Su made the decision to delve into maternity leave and start the process all again by entering a new venue to the hospitality scene of Canberra.

“Lazy-Su is a traditional sit-down restaurant with table service, Baby-Su is the opposite, its casual, order at the counter style designed to be fun and fast while maintaining the same atmosphere and deliciousness that people have come to expect from Lazy-Su,” Jared says.

The new venue is designed to compliment Lazy-Su, so you can expect more Korean- Japanese sass only now you can grab-and-go. There will be both new treats and menu all-stars with some items being configured to suit a more casual style in a cool and cute way.

While Lazy-Su lives in Braddon, Baby-Su will be homed in the downtown city area of the Mayfair/ No Name Lane precinct where there’s no time to be lazy catering to the work crowd.

“We have specifically chosen a number of our dishes that we think people craving a quick delicious lunch will be looking for as well as ensuring our offering is different enough from what is already available in the area.”

Just this year we have witnessed the precinct flourishing with food options and becoming quite the food scene. Jared says with the addition of Baby-Su to the area lunch won’t be the only time of day to expect traffic.

“We think Baby-Su along with some of the other new venues will help generate attention to the area, not just as a lunchtime offering, but also a new place in the city to go after work, or later in the night for dinner before heading out for some drinks. There is a great bar scene across the road in the Melbourne building that we think complements our food offering as not just a quick lunch option but also a nighttime destination.”

While there isn’t an exact open date, we have been told to watch the space from mid-August – fingers crossed they aren’t overdue because we cannot wait!