“It’s not you, it’s me”

Are you guilty of being face-deep in a magnifying mirror and losing track of time on a plucking frenzy only to realise your beautiful, big, bold brows now resemble thin, pointy arches? Put down the tweezers, and back away slowly, we are here to help.

The waiting game

Now that you’ve stopped self-sculpting, it’s time for the tedious grow-out phase. We understand you want to move on straight away, but sometimes it can take a full year to recover from your bad brow blunder – sigh. After 6-8 weeks however, you will start noticing real results, so hang in there! Use this time to distract yourself, splurge on serums to improve growth and fill in patches; precision brushes to help keep those unruly strays in-line; and lastly, own that lifeless face-fuzz until you are ready to seek advice from an expert.

Jumping back on the wagon

The good news is, you can trust again, over-plucked brows can be salvaged. We have tracked down five local brow specialists we would bet our first-born child on, that you can entrust to meticulously mend your brows – mine feel lush just thinking about it.

If you aren’t sure where to start, head into The Lab for some help in the brow department. Their mantra is to educate and guide clients through the re-growing phase and provide top tips for maintaining a natural, yet flattering look.

For preening without the tugging and tweezing find iBrow Threads all around town. Located in Westfield Belconnen & Woden, plus the Canberra Centre you don’t even need an appointment to drop in while you getting some shopping sorted.

Crisis control, get them drawn on. We recommend MUA Zoe Krahe from Z&CO to paint you your dream brows for any events that may pop up during your hibernation period; plus if you love them (which you will) you can head back in for some waxing/ tinting.

Don’t let your lust for strong brow-game make you travel afield, Brows By Mel is located on the Foreshore, a working from home brow specialist who learnt her technique from Benefit in Sydney, Mel has your back.

Still waiting for those sprouts to poke through and getting worried this may be the end? Consider a semi-permanent brow tatt. Lanyon Hair Centre & Beauty Bar also offer feather touching for those becoming increasingly impatient.

Make it Facebook official

Whether you have opted for an effortless, wispy caterpillar look; or the accentuated ombre arch; let the world know you have moved on to bigger and better brows. Smile or pout – we don’t really care which one – and take a happy snap for the gram.