Since 2016, BentSpoke has been easily recognised by their 360-degree rip lid. With a rapidly expanding distribution the line, the local brewing heroes have had to seek a nifty alternative due to a worldwide halt in production of these lids. The new wide lid maintains an individuality in the craft scene, with a sleek black appearance featuring ‘B’ for BentSpoke.

Having brewed Australia’s favourite IPA Crankshaft three years in a row; Head Brewer and Co-Founder Richard Watkins has always put customer experience first at BentSpoke.

We have always loved our 360 lids that have lived our mantra of bending the rules of beer. With these supply issues we are once again scouring the world for the next great innovation in beer packaging that can keep up with our beer.”

There will be no changes to the brewing or packaging process however, Sprocket will be packaged in the remaining supply of 360 lids. Crankshaft, Barley Griffin, Red Nut, Easy Ale and Mort’s Gold will all go into wide lip cans. As will the sought-after Drifter, Free Wheeler and Bending Spoke series.

The wide lip cans will maintain the same great flavour, encouraging locals to continue to enjoy their favourite cold one from the can.