This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend one of the Canberra Centre’s AW16 series on style and beauty. Lucky for me, this one was with Gritty Pretty creator Eleanor Pendleton.

I learned a lot from this inspiring woman, from running her own social media savvy beauty business to tips on creating that natural no-makeup look, (with makeup!).

Pendleton covered everything from primers to lip colour and skin care to voluminous hair, which was especially helpful to this make up novice. I jumped on Gritty Pretty the instant I got home to learn more from this style icon and all-round impressive woman.

She’s passionate, she’s driven, she has an envious work/life balance and she knows the secret to getting the best winged eyeliner look – which involved using sticky tape! I soaked up all I could from the too-short hour and took away as much as possible about up coming beauty trends. Lovers of colour will be very pleased to hear that bright hues are making a come back for eyes and lips.

If I could take away two tips from the afternoon (and it’s really hard to choose between them) they would be up your skin care and invest in an illuminator. Pendleton insisted on these two becoming a staple in our everyday beauty regimes.

“Use a hydrating serum,” she says.

“Don’t spare the expense because it will work hard for your skin and bring out your inner beauty. Keep using your cleansers but don’t forget your serums.

“Also illuminate! Brighten up your face with Becca’s opal shimmering skin perfector. Highlight those wonderful features instead of flattening everything out, mix a little into your foundation and work that natural look!”

60 minutes and a couple of brownies later, I was busting to go home to try out Pendleton’s winged liner tips for myself and on the way get some sea salt spray for that coveted just-stepped-out-of-the-ocean look that she sported so effortlessly.

Check out Gritty Pretty for those of you who appreciate an intelligent stylish website packed with beauty secrets, it’s become an instant favourite of mine.