Several Bumble events in Canberra are scheduled for October, including a singles wine and dine, a BFF brunch event and a Bizz panel event. Details will be announced on the Bumble Australia Instagram, so keep an eye out if you’re looking for love!

We chat to Michelle Battersby, Country Lead for Bumble Australia for some tips on successful bumbling.

Any expert tips on making the dreaded ‘first move’?

Don’t be afraid to go for it! Traditions tell us that making the first move is the role of a man, but we consistently get feedback from our male users that they love the fact that women make the first move on Bumble. The key to making the first move successfully is to have a great opening line – this can make all the difference in creating an awesome connection with your match. Something that shows you have read their bio or noticed their photos is more likely to result in an even better response from them. Head to our blog for more tips, and some of our tried and tested openers.

What is our Bumble bio saying about us? 

It should say everything! Your Bumble bio is your opportunity to communicate what you are looking for to your potential matches, along with your likes and dislikes. Some of our key tips are:

Write about your hobbies and interests – give them information that will help start a conversation and form a connection

Highlight three things that make you unique and stand out

Use humour and lead with positivity

With a camera roll full of selfies, how do we know which one to choose for our profile?

In terms of your photos, these are also important. Your first photo is your calling card on the app – make it your best one. We’ve found showing off your smile, your eyes and your whole face (without a Snapchat filter!) make a positive first impression. Make sure it’s only you in this first photo. It’s great to include photos with your friends too, but you want your potential matches to know just who it is they’ll be swiping right on when they land on your profile. Remember to use photos that represent your authentic self – if you love cooking, or go hiking every weekend show photos of yourself doing those activities to help your matches get to know you.