If you made it to work on a Monday, you’ve earnt your stripes for the week. For those who are yet to give Zara’s online store a proper spin around the track, racing stripes are an excellent place to start.

Our hearts are racing for the unwavering stripe trend, perhaps because the aesthetics work in our favour or because the trend allows us to embrace a slight sporty-side into our daily wardrobes.

Choose a flared leg with a rich, red stripe up the side to add a few extra inches on your height, a vertical stripe will make you feel slender as well – magic pants.

The race-track stripe joggers are as light, airy, and comfortable as your favorite pajamas, only they are disguised as bottoms suitable for working hours.

For the most part, it’s pretty safe to pair your race-stripe with a plain tee and you’ll be ready to hit the streets. Or, if you wish to make more of a statement choose a thinner stripe infused with color, pinks and greens are currently trending and often darned across workwear basics.

The bold statement has surged well beyond a pant leg though, we have collected a handful of eye-catching items with a racy stripe offered from head-to-toe.