The combination of sugar and lemon juice is well-known as an ideal topping for pancakes, and now it can also get your body smooth and ready for the bikini season with the arrival of Sugaring in Australia.

The hair removal treatment uses a natural sugar paste and boasts a string of positive including being less painful, more gentle, and more efficient than its alternatives.

Erica’s Aesthetics in Kingston is the first place in Canberra to offer the hair removal treatment, which has taken the world by storm and is preferred to waxing in parts of Europe.

Unlike waxing which removes a whole layer of skin and can be quite painful, Sugaring only adheres to dead skin cells, offering a luxurious exfoliation treatment.

“Sugaring is really a skin treatment with a side effect of hair removal,” says Erica Mayr, owner of Erica’s Aesthetic.

During Sugaring, the hair is pulled out in the same direction as the growth so it won’t lead to ingrown hairs, and frequent sugaring can ultimately lead to a reduction in hair growth.

The sugar paste used is 100% natural and made of a combination of sugar, lemon juice and water.

“It’s completely natural – people usually taste it! And it’s hygienic to do so as because of the high sugar content, bacteria doesn’t grow,” says Erica.

Sugaring is suitable for men and women, and can be performed on all parts of the body.

To book now call Erica’s Aesthetics on 6162 4199.

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