A defiantly old-fashioned method making a comeback thanks to the ethically minded. Sure, recycling is fine but it’s those who have adopted precycling – reducing waste at the source by not offering packaging – who are considered uber cool.

As millennials, we like to think we are conscious consumers, or at least we share and like the right things on social media to convince ourselves we are. While the anti-packaging movement has been sweeping the globe, bulk binning in Canberra has become more accessible! Bulk bins are the zero-waste form of grocery shopping, where goods are stored in bins for consumers to measure out the exact amount they need into totes or mason jars. Bulk binning sends a strong consumer message and allows an individual action to go a long way in curbing plastic waste.

No product hides behind packaging and persuasive messaging, instead, the produce is advertising itself with its natural shapes and colours. You’ll find less option makes your shopping experience more streamlined – no more staring blanky in an aisle.

Bulk shopping has had its look reinvented. While you focus on making a conscious effort to reduce waste with each purchase, stores about town are working towards creating enjoyable experiences to the grocer with scenic designs, greenery, and adjoining cafes.

6 places to start your zero-waste journey:

The Source Bulk Foods

Bitten Goodfoods

Naked Foods
Braddon & Woden

Local Press Wholefoods

Scoop Wholefoods

 The Food Co-Op

Mountain Creek Wholefoods